Lynn Zheng

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Hi there, I'm Lynn. (Feeling adventurous? Trying pronouncing my given name, Ruolin, pronounced RU-LEEN.)

I’m a rising senior student at the University of Chicago double-majoring in Computer Science and Statistics. I'll be graduating in June 2021 with a joint Bachelor's and Master's degree (Bx/MS) in Computer Science and a BA in Statistics.

The summer of 2020, I'm a Backend Engineering Intern at Salesforce working on Team Industries - HealthCloud. The summer of 2019, I interned as a PC App Engineering Intern and built from scratch a Windows PC App for home security cameras.

My most proficient programming languages are Python, Java, and C/C++. I have experience in Machine Learning, Speech Processing, Computer Systems, and Web Development from my other internships, coursework, and extracurricular activities.

Outside the classroom, I've been the Program Development Chair of UChicago TechTeam, a student-led civic tech organization, for three years. Every fall, I led weekly workshops on topics like Python for Data Analysis. I also love working on side projects involving Web Development and Machine Learning.


Exhibitor Look-Up Web App for Grace Hopper 2019

Web Development, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, DataTables, Python, Google Knowledge Graph API

• Built a website to support look-up of company data with Google Knowledge Graph API, with over 50 views daily according to Google Analytics

September 2019

Sentence Predictor with Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM)

Machine Learning, PyTorch

• Built a LSTM encoder-decoder in PyTorch to predict the next sentence given the first, achieving 20% correctness

March 2019

Face Detector from the Viola-Jones Paper

Machine Learning, Python

• Built Haar Filters, AdaBoost, and Cascading to classify faces; Trained on 4000 images and achieved 32% accuracy

February 2019

AI-Powered Chess Engine for the Ren'Py Game Dev Engine

Game Development, Ren'Py, Python

• Built an AI-powered chess engine for the Ren'Py Game Development Engine, amounting to 70+ downloads and reuses on and GitHub

July 2018

Smart Luggage Case "Bon Voyage" with Auto-Brake

Arduino, 3D Printing (Rhino), Android App Development

• Built an auto-brake system with 3D-printed wheel locks, touch sensors, and Arduino; Won Fabrication Lab Honor

June 2016 to August 2016


Salesforce, Inc.

Backend Engineering Intern

• Team Industries - HealthCloud - Leia

June 2020 to Present

VIA Technologies, Inc.

PC App Engineering Intern

• Completed from scratch VPai Home, a PC App for home security cameras, which expects over 10,000 downloads

• Equipped the App with features to live stream and receive alerts from the cameras, with TCP, OSS, and databases

• Added a QR Code scan-login feature to VPai Home iOS and achieved a 54% growth in download counts since July

• Tested and improved the stability of the distributed Golang server used by the PC, iOS, Android Apps and cameras

June 2019 to September 2019

Nomad Credit

Front-End Web Development Intern

• Developed a Ruby on Rails Web App in a Docker container and monitored site performance in Google Analytics

• Optimized CSS for mobile display and compressed over 150 images to achieve a 50% increase in Page Load Speed

October 2018 to April 2019

UChicago CANON Research Lab

Research Assistant, Curriculum Development Intern

• Developed seven Computer Science course modules in Scratch and automated the grading process with JavaScript

• Built Robot Turtle (a coding board game) Online Game in HTML/CSS/JavaScript for research data collection

June 2018 to August 2018

UChicago TechTeam

Program Development Chair, Project Leader

• Lead weekly workshops in Web Development and Python for Data Analysis, with a regular attendance of over 15

• Supervise 12 civic tech projects yearly, engaging over 100 students with clients like UChicago Career Advancement

January 2018 to Present


Programming Languages

• Python (2 years)

• C/C++ (2 years | industrial)

• Java

• HTML/CSS/JavaScript

• Ruby on Rails

• R


• Swift

• Go

Tools & Frameworks

• Linux (2 years)

• Visual Studio (3 months | industrial)

• wxWidgets (3 months | industrial)

• Xcode

• PyTorch

• TensorFlow

• Keras

• Bootstrap

• Jekyll

Relevant Courses

• Software Development

• Computer Systems

• Parallel Computing

• Networks and Distributed Systems

• Theory of Algorithms

• Cryptography

• Computational Linguistics

• Machine Learning

• Applied Regression Analysis


Art, Sports, Games, Music, Fun ;)

• Digital Art

I started doodling earlier than I could remember and took some drawing classes at 8. I've been drawing with my tablet & iPad for 4 years now. I've created art merchandise for my high school's Anime Club fund-raising expo and some Visual Novel projects.

• Recreational Sports

I enjoy a wide range of recreational sports: swimming, cycling, hiking, jogging... you name it! Between the age of 8 and 11, I trained for 4 hours every weekend with a professional swimming team.

• Game Development

In high school, my two best friends and I replaced our in-class PowerPoint presentations with Visual Novel Games we made in Ren'Py, a game development engine. I've also developed a chess engine for this platform as a side project.

• Music & Video Games with Great Music

From age 6 to 12, I took Electronic Keyboard classes for two hours everyday and achieved the highest level of certificate. Although I no longer play instruments, my passion for music lives on with my collections of video games with awesome soundtracks. To name a few: Undertale, The World Ends With You, Patapon.

Lynn's Art
A favorite quote of mine which always gets me through the day: "Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day." - Mark Twain